Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What I learned in college (undergrad):

  • I learned that a tequila sunrise tastes better when consumed poolside with a good friend.
  • I learned to trust my instincts.
  • I learned to trust God.
  • I learned Greek ... or at least which Greek fraternities had the cutest boys. That counts as learning!
  • I learned that although it's fun to kiss random frat boys just for the fun of it, it could also lead to someone stalking you. Yikes!
  • I learned that my mom was right when she taught me that there is "safety in numbers." This is especially true at frat parties.
  • I learned several new languages - Latin, Visual Basic, and SQL - and loved them all.
  • I learned that pepper spray is illegal and considered a weapon in Canada (don't ask).
  • I learned that I could drive from my apartment to Chris's driveway at home in 2 hours and 42 minutes if I didn't stop anywhere on the way.
  • I learned that if my (then future) sister-in-law, Carla, was riding with me from college to home that the trip took 5 hours because she has the smallest bladder on the planet (still love you, C).
  • I learned that sleep is way overrated ... something that was helpful years later when I became a mom. :)
  • I learned that it's possible for two females to live, work, and go to school together and not kill each other. And friends like that are few and far between.
  • I learned that I was stronger than I thought I was.
  • I learned that just because I'm a girl doesn't mean that I'm not good at math. Or computers. Or science.
  • I learned that I desire to be in a profession where I can make a difference in the lives of others.
  • I learned that it is possible to work full time AND go to school full time and still graduate in 4 years with honors. But NOT FUN.
  • I learned that whoever coined the phrase, "Beer before liquor, never sicker" knew what they were talking about.
  • I learned that there really is a "Freshman 15."
  • I learned that consuming an entire bottle of peach schnapps at a party leads to waking up in your dorm room with grass-stained pants and no recollection of how you got home.
  • I learned that it's possible to make Ramen Noodles in a coffee maker.
  • I learned that it's possible to take a psychology final while still mildly inebriated from the night before and still get an "A" in the class. But not smart.
  • I learned how good it felt to obtain a full time job with full benefits and be able to live on my own without any financial backing from my parents ... at the age of 20.
  • I learned that I could scrape all the coins out of my dresser drawer and find enough money to buy gas to drive home. Couldn't do that now - weren't those the days!?
  • I learned that Kent State has the third largest library in the country.
  • I learned that sometimes it's easy to get lost in a 13-story building, even when you work there every day.
  • I learned that those who have the most money aren't always the ones who are the most happy.
  • I learned to nurture my affinity with coffee. A lot.
  • I learned that some of the most profound, intelligent professors are also the weirdest.
  • I learned over 20 different names for male and female genitalia ... in class! (Very cool professor) :)
  • I learned that some people have pink hair and some people have no hair, and that's okay.
  • I learned that no one knows where Hicksville, Ohio is. And they don't believe it exists until you show them on a map.
  • I learned that I love doing research and writing long papers.
  • I learned that anyone who loves doing research and writing long papers is considered weird.
  • I learned that it's OK to be weird.
  • I learned that retired high school teachers do NOT make good college professors.
  • I learned that you really aren't invincible at the age of 20 ... college kids really do die from drinking too much alcohol. Very sobering.
  • I learned that Zen Buddhism is some weird stuff.
  • I learned that love really does find you when you least expect it.
  • I learned that I didn't want to live apart from Chris for another day ... so I married him.

What I learned in college (grad school):

  • I learned to trust my husband to hold down the fort while I was in class at night.
  • I learned that my way isn't the only way ... although it's usually a better way.
  • I learned that sleep really isn't overrated when you're in your 30s.
  • I learned that women earn an average of $.86 for every $1.00 that men make in the same occupation. That's crap!
  • I learned to soak up every spare second that I had with my kids ... which meant only doing homework after they were in bed at night.
  • I learned that working full time and going to school is MUCH harder when you have kids at home.
  • I learned the value of networking.
  • I learned how to do an amortization table. This came in really handy recently when I did one on our current mortgage and figured out we could save over $70k by refinancing for fewer years at a lower rate. Woohoo! Just paid for that MBA twice over!
  • I learned that I still love doing research and writing long papers, and that I'm still considered weird because of it.
  • I learned that it's possible to write killer research papers in APA format without ever buying an APA manual.
  • I learned that even though I'm a girl, that doesn't mean that I'm not good at accounting or finance ... but I really don't like it.
  • I learned that I really, really love to do stats. Really.
  • I learned that I HATE group projects.
  • I learned that if I kept my phone on vibrate, I could text my husband and tell my kids goodnight without the prof ever knowing.
  • I learned that just because someone has a PhD it doesn't mean he's a good professor. Sometimes it really does just mean Piled higher and Deeper.
  • I learned to bank on the fact that the time spent away from my family would eventually pay off financially and provide a better life for them ... I hope! :)


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  1. We learned some of the same things in college - and grad school! ;-)

    Great post!